Charlestown Childcare Centre and Early Learning Centre is a community-based, non-profit organisation, established since 1986, The building is owned by Lake Macquarie Council and managed by a committee of interested parents.

The centre is licensed by the NSW Department of Community Services, who ensure that the centre meets regulatory standards.

The centre also participates in the National Childcare Accreditation Council’s Quality Improvement and Accreditation system.

Through this system we work together with families to provide a quality educational program for the child aged 0-5 years.

Each child works with a focus teacher and receives an individualised program.

Observations are made on each child’s interests and skills and activities are then planned to challenge and stimulate them.

Staff use portfolio and digital photography to comprehensively document each child’s learning and development throughout the year.

We value he input of families in our centre.

Families are welcome at the centre at any time and we aim to work in partnership with all families in order to provide the best possible environment for children to grow and learn.

Our rooms:

Sugar Glider Room caters for 15 children each day, aged 0-3 years, including up to 5 under twos.

Lilly Pilly Room caters for 25 children each day, aged 3-5 years

The centre is open from 7.30am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday, and meals are provided.

Our fees are currently $64.00 per day (2010). This is the full fee and may be reduced greatly by Child Care Benefit, depending on your income. There are also annual levies of $43.00

Please feel free to phone the centre if you would like moreĀ information, or if you would like to have a look around theĀ centre.

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